Woman Who Recorded Over 100 Catcalls in 1 Day Now Getting Rape Threats (VIDEO)

catcall videoIf you haven't seen this video of a woman getting harassed on the streets of New York City, you should take a peek. No doubt it'll get you and your friends and family talkin'. An actress was filmed being catcalled 108 times walking in Manhattan. For those of us who live here, it's kind of something you simply get used to. Sad to say. But to see it all at once is definitely disturbing and goes to show how different the sexes can be sometimes.

More than 100 people approached this woman during 10 hours of walking silently while she was wearing a T-shirt and jeans. Rob Bliss, who created the video, says he's glad the video is getting so much attention and hopes that it can spark a discussion, which it's most certainly doing.


Take a look first if you haven't already seen it:

Where to even begin?

Comments have ranged on the YouTube video page itself from She's wearing tight jeans and a tight T-shirt so she's asking for it to This is what I go through on my commute every single day to This isn't even harassment, they're just saying hello to I find this cheap and disrespectful to Women have no idea how to take a compliment to Why are they only showing black and Latino men to far more disparaging, disturbing remarks about the woman herself.

Seriously, the amount of controversy this video has drummed up is simply exhausting when you try to wrap your mind around it. So many issues in just two minutes of footage!

And now this video appears to have struck an even scarier nerve, as it's being reported that the aspiring actress in the video, Shoshana Roberts, is getting rape threats online. Figures no good deed goes unpunished. Though the video makers are probably thrilled with the amount of attention the footage is getting, there's definitely no excuse for threats like these. Let's hope the police take this matter seriously.

Anyway, women who have been through this kind of harassment (come on, you can't say the guy who follows her for FIVE straight minutes isn't considered harassment) even have different ways to ward off these types of men. Some actually respond to the men who really get their adrenaline pumping out of fear that they will continue to follow them without a response. On the other hand, if a woman dares to respond, sometimes the men follow them on walks to their apartments, on trains, to work, after any kind of acknowledgment. Even if it's thinly veiled as a "compliment." It's not.

On a personal note, as someone who's definitely not a looker, but who lives in NYC, I don't get this kind of harassment day in and day out. But I know plenty of friends who do. And even a "good morning" or "how do you do" said in a leering kind of way (and you know exactly how this sounds) makes most of them speed away from the situation as quickly as possible -- or they're at least forced to avoid eye contact so as not to engage these men and provoke them any further. It takes a video like this, seeing it all at once and how uncomfortable the woman is, to realize how truly wrong it is.

How could anyone say this is okay? Even if it happened a couple times instead of over 100, it's still completely unnecessary. Yes, this will never change the fact that men will never, ever stop doing this, but if it changes even just one guy's mind the next time he opens his mouth to talk to a stranger walking by him and she's clearly minding her own business, then this video was well worth the effort.

Besides, at least it's got us talking.

Do you think this woman is getting harassed? Or do you think this video was blown way out of proportion?


Image via Street HarassmentVideo/YouTube

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