Knife-Wielding Toddler Terrorizes Town in Evil Prank (VIDEO)

I'm not necessarily saying that I would be scared if I were one of the victims in this Halloween prank video ... I'm just saying that I'd probably pee my pants, drop into the fetal position, suck my thumb, and cry for my mama.

YouTube prankster Roman Atwood dressed up his 2-year-old in all black (with a hood, of course), put a creepy mask on him and a realistic-looking knife in his hand, and set him loose on innocent bystanders while he rolled tape.


The result is beyond terrifying. From scaring the crap out of people at vending machines to standing over a body on the ground and turning at the last second when approached to a particularly scary moment in a parking garage around the 1:10-minute mark ... let's just say OMG!

I don't know whether to laugh or feel ashamed of myself for laughing, but it's clear the kid is enjoying himself. He even giggles, "Me get you!" as he chases after his prank victims.

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Of course there are some people questioning the appropriateness of it, especially given that he pulls the prank on a cop toward the end of the video -- yup, a law enforcement officer, one who presumably carries a firearm. All I can say is that this must be a very safe area for a cop to not automatically pull a gun on a knife-wielding midget.

What do you think of this prank? Hilariously terrifying or borderline inappropriate?


Image via Roman Atwood/YouTube

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