Haunted Photo Booth Terrifies All Who Dare to Enter (VIDEO)

photobomb photo boothThe Ham & Eggs Tavern in Los Angeles is serving up more than just its usual fare this Halloween season! After patrons have a cocktail or two, they can make their way to the bar's photo booth -- a fun throwback to the pre-selfie days, right?

Not so fast! Those who enter quickly find themselves posing with an unexpected -- and pretty scary -- guest!  


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How great are those reactions? Don't you love how everyone's primping for a photo only to have the wits scared out of them moments later? You'd think the haunted house on the side of the photo booth might tip them off, but no. The hilarious prank is the brainchild of Hello Denizen, a social media and marketing company that comes up with funny videos monthly.

And what a fun and festive twist on photobombing! Seriously, wouldn't you love to have this photo booth at your Halloween party? 

Definitely more trick than treat, that's a photo strip that would be perfect to hang on your fridge and enjoy for many Halloweens to come! I wouldn't be surprised if these unsuspecting guests headed right back to the bar for a little something to settle their nerves after that photo shoot! 

Would you fall for this prank or would you be suspicious from the start? 


Image via YouTube

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