Chainsaw Massacre Prank Takes Halloween Horror to Insane New Heights (VIDEO)

chainsaw massacre prankThis is so disturbing. And scary. And bloody. And hilarious. And ingenious. And just in time for Halloween. The folks behind VitalyzdTv came up with an insane chainsaw massacre prank, freaking out the bejesus of innocent passersby in a parking garage. Like it's been mentioned, it's a little strange for a chainsaw-wielding freak to set up his lair in a parking garage, but there's something inherently frightening about them, wouldn't you say?

At this time, the video has over 23 million views. SO crazy. But so worth it because you'll be thanking your lucky stars you weren't a victim of this "prank" -- you'd have to see a therapist for the rest of your life.


Just a heads up that this is pretty graphic, even if you already know it's fake. But, you know, no need to unnecessarily freak out your coworkers or your tiny tots. Check it out: