Brad Pitt & Jimmy Fallon Bust a Move in Hilarious Breakdancing 'Conversation' (VIDEO)

brad pitt jimmy fallonRemember way back in the day when Brad Pitt and Jimmy Fallon yodeled at each other? Well ... now it seems they're mixing things up a bit because, as you'll soon see, Brad Pitt and Jimmy Fallon had a breakdancing conversation with each other. Yes. They spoke to each other in "breakdancing." So multilingual they are, it's impressive!

This is most definitely something new wife Angelina Jolie and their six kids will be most proud of.


Does this short skit just offer further proof that Brad can do anything? Hard to believe that Brad still has those moves at 50 years old! Er, at least his "dance" double does! It also looks like Jimmy's "dance" double doesn't even have the same skin color ... and those wigs. Those wigs.

Watch the hilarity:

Oh, come on, wasn't the "Ha ha ha ha ha ha!" and "He he he he he he!" just the best? When you're spinning around and doing backflips in the grungy basement of 30 Rock, not much else must come to mind.

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Of course, as you can see from the helpful subtitles, Brad's appearance was to bring attention to his latest movie, Fury. But watching Brad and Jimmy double-yodel and then double-breakdance is equally entertaining and an ingenious way to plug the movie instead of having a boring, mundane interview.

And in general, all meetings in the universe should be conducted this way, don't you think?

Be sure to watch Brad's movie Fury. Or else he'll be furious. Yes, that really did happen.

What do you think of the breakdancing conversation? Dumb or entertaining?


Image via NBC

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