US Marines & South Korean Army Drum Up Good Will in Epic Drum-Off (VIDEO)

marines korean soldiers drum battle

Well here's five minutes of YouTube goodness that'll certainly brighten up your dreary day. Who knew the answer to world peace would lie within ... a bunch of guys playing the drums? A video is going viral of a drum battle between the US Marine Expeditionary Force and the Republic of Korea. And before you start freaking out, yes, the ROK is South Korea, not North Korea.

Anyway ... hot guys? Check. Hot guys in uniform? Check. Hot guys in uniform who are drummers? Check. Hot guys in uniform who are drummers who battle against yet cheer for each other too? Check, check, check. There's seriously nothing bad or gross or stupid or depressing about this video. It's all good, good things. And it'll warm the cockles.


Please be sure to check it out:

It really gets fun when everyone starts cheering and dancing while the Marines are playing. Of course, it ends in a tie (womp womp), but it seems that everyone is a winner here. That's the way the cookie crumbles. Music is the same in all languages. See, we all can get along. Insert another cheesy overused cliche here because that's what this video makes you do. Besides feel all the feelings.

According to, this friendly battle took place at the 2014 Gyeryong Military Culture Festival. The Marines' band, officially called the III Marine Expeditionary Force Band, are based in Okinawa, Japan, and travel worldwide to perform. Such a talented group! We could use faaaaar more videos of them, wouldn't you say?

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So nice to see everyone having such a good time and enjoying each other. It's a nice little escape from the evil that can happen in this world that has been dominating the headlines and gives credit to a group of men and women who are more than deserving of a moment in the spotlight.

Do you think this battle should have ended in a tie?


Image via bhijar07/YouTube

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