Michelle Obama's Turnip Dance Surely Has Malia & Sasha Cringing (VIDEO)

michelle obama speaking at anniversary of let's move campaign

Most of us know that First Lady Michelle Obama has been on a crusade to get kids moving and eating healthier via her "Let's Move!" program. But don't assume that her strategy is the same ol', same ol'! In fact, it appears she's decided to inject a bit of her own movin' and shakin' to the mix.

Mrs. Obama hosted an "#AsktheFirstLady" social media event last night, during which Americans could hashtag Qs for her about exercise, healthy eating, and gardening. At the end, FLOTUS took a really fantastic question that quickly morphed into a now-viral shenanigan, set to the tune of DJ Snake & Lil Jon's summer smash "Turn Down for What," that will have daughters Malia and Sasha cringing for weeks (okay, if not YEARS) to come!


Here's the Q, delivered by YouTube personality Iman Crosson, known for his jaw-droppingly incredible POTUS impression:

The First Lady's response?

Love it!

Granted, she didn't exactly answer Iman's question, but let's be honest: Seeing the First Lady get her groove on with a turnip is SO MUCH BETTER! Ha!

Plus, this is a fab reminder that being the First Lady doesn't have to mean leaving your personality at the door. In fact, it's always a treat to see her let loose! (See: Her hilarious "mom dancing" on Jimmy Fallon in 2013.)

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Further, who doesn't love seeing that goofy mom humor from our Harvard-trained lawyer-turned-FLOTUS? Err, well, you know, besides her daughters! But hopefully, one day they'll realize their mom was the coolest First Lady ever.

What's your reaction to Michelle's now viral Vine?

Image via Lawrence Jackson/whitehouse.gov

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