Man Pretending to Be Homeless Shocks Unsuspecting Givers (VIDEO)


It's impossible to live in a city of any size and never encounter a panhandler. Given these hard financial times, thousands of people beg on the streets for money to eat, shelter, and clothe themselves or their children. Sometimes they are met with the milk of human kindness, but often times they are rudely rebuffed. So one man took it upon himself to point out those who generously lend a helping hand in what has to be the sweetest prank ever orchestrated.


Dawson Burley, who can only be described as a professional YouTube prankster, decided to pose as a homeless man in need of spare change. For those who gave him anything, he would return the kindness by giving them back their donation along with $20. While the negative reactions are heartbreaking -- one guy gruffly tells him, "You need to get a job" -- it's the response from the givers that is noteworthy, many of which had very little themselves. Take a look.

It's so touching to see how shocked these generous people are when their money plus a $20 bill are handed to them. They are even a little bit concerned -- they really wanted to help the guy out. When they realized it was a "prank," they are then touched that he would go out of his way to show his appreciation. Though, the best part was when he encountered Charna Foley, who just recently got off the streets and was struggling to find a job. She summed up the plight perfectly: "Trying to get a job when you are homeless, it's tough. You've got to be clean, you've got to be presentable, you've got to have a good attitude about yourself. When you are homeless, you don't feel like that." She had been looking for work for three months with no luck, but she hasn't given up. Gurley has since set up a PayPal fund for people who want to help her.

It really is lovely. This entire video reminds us about the spirit of giving -- that we should do it with open hearts, without expectation, and good things will happen to us in return.

Do you give to panhandlers?


Image © Keith Levit/Design Pics/Corbis

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