Man's Proposal to Girlfriend on Boat Couldn't Have Gone Much Worse (VIDEO)

You never know how a proposal is going to go. Will she say yes? No? Scream in horror? Faint? Look bored? It takes a lot of nerve to work up a proposal, but Shane thought he had it all sussed out. He decided to pop the question while out on a paddle boat in the Wisconsin River. He and his girlfriend, Cheri, and some of their friends were having a leisurely paddle when Shane thought it would be the perfect time to spring the proposal on his lady love. That's when things went horribly wrong.


A camera-wielding friend was there to capture the moment Shane asked his girlfriend to look toward the shore, where four friends were holding signs reading, "Will you marry me?"

We can't see Cheri's reaction, as her back is to the camera, but she playfully smacks him, and then suddenly, there is a little splash and Shane looks horrified. "Oh, my God!" he repeatedly frets as he looks toward the water.

Cheri bursts into tears and the video stops.

So, yep, that happened. Check it out:

A friend, Elias Eitsert, told the New York Daily News that the couple are indeed still engaged -- but the ring was never found.

Naturally, some viewers are calling out the video as a fake, but Shane's reaction -- especially the look in his eyes when he realized the ring first dove head first in the water -- seems pretty genuine to me. If they're faking, they're very good actors!

I can't even blame Shane for this one. It's not like he prepared some daredevil high-risk stunt that you just know wasn't going to end well. He didn't propose while skydiving, or while on the jagged edge of a cliff. It was a calm, serene boat ride.

Hopefully, that wasn't a harbinger of things to come. Wonder if Shane is on the hook for buying another ring? Since the girl was at least 50 percent responsible for the ring flying overboard, I hope she doesn't insist on another one.

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Perhaps they can wait until their 20th anniversary for an "upgrade" and that this time the ring is presented on dry land.

Do you think he should buy another one?


Image via Swilk 16/YouTube

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