Reporter Confesses, Curses, Then Quits on Live TV (VIDEO)

If you've never been asked to do something for your job that made you slightly uncomfortable, consider yourself lucky. Many of us, including one TV reporter from Alaska, have been faced with a choice at one time or another to either keep mum about our beliefs or feelings about something in order to pay our mortgage or come clean and risk the negative consequences.

Reporter Charlo Greene from Alaska news station KTVA chose the latter -- and, boy, did she exit her job in spectacular fashion. Who needs a resignation letter when you can broadcast your desire to head for the hills on live TV? Not only did Greene use her on-air time to confess that she was the owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club, but she followed it up by saying "f*** it," quitting, and storming off camera.


So it seems Greene was chosen to speak about a pre-taped segment about the Club, which is fighting for the legalization of medical marijuana in the 49th state. But there was a bit of a conflict of interest when it was revealed that the journalist wasn't simply a marijuana advocate -- she was a major leader in the movement as prez of the Club!

Faced with a choice, I'm guessing Greene decided the only way she could sleep well at night was by taking a stand for what she felt strongly about -- something she can't obviously do in her role as a reporter who strives for objectivity.

But it's one thing to tell your boss in private that you can no longer perform your duties for personal reasons, and quite another to announce it on air. And curse. And make your colleague feel very uncomfortable, as you'll see happens in this video.

When asked why she made her business the stuff of legends, Greene said she pretty much knew broadcasting her resignation would raise awareness for her group and cause.

Mission accomplished.

Check it out:

Do you think this reporter took things too far or do you admire her for what she did?


Image via KTVA

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