Alleged Drunk Mom Lets Toddler in Stroller Roll Right Onto Train Tracks (VIDEO)

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There are parenting fails and then there are parenting fails that verge on being downright criminal. A video has emerged of a very egregious example of the latter. Police say a mom was drunk when her baby boy's stroller rolled onto the tracks at a subway station in Melbourne, Australia.


In the security footage, the stroller is seen gliding right onto the tracks at Camberwell Station after a woman, believed to be the mother, let go of the handles. It appears as though she was picking something up off the ground, and while doing that, her baby landed face first onto the rails.

Thank goodness she wasn't too tipsy and reacted appropriately. Horrified, she immediately jumped onto the tracks to get her baby. Bystanders also came to their aid, scrambling to get everyone back on the platform before a train came barreling into the station.

Thankfully, this story has a happy ending -- for the most part. The child just had some scrapes from the fall, but his mom could face criminal charges. It's unclear if authorities will pursue the case. Though maybe they should. At the very least, she should be ticketed. Being drunk while caring for a child could seriously endanger them, as this video demonstrates. If she had let go of that stroller a few minutes earlier or later, he could have fallen into the direct path of a train.

Do you think the mother should be punished?


Image via David/Flickr

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