Minivan Mom Flips Out With Major Road Rage While Young Son Watches (VIDEO)

Stop Sign

Don't drive angry! Bill Murray gave some great advice in Groundhog Day, but unfortunately it's not a mantra everyone follows. Take this mom, for example. She completely. Loses. Her. Mind. When another driver "cut her off."

The craziest part is that she goes berserk with road rage right in front of her son, who can be seen in the passenger's seat! Un-freaking-believable. What a way to set an example!


According to the description, the video was taken by a driver who knew the hot head was ready to create a ruckus. He wrote, "This lady was looking down at something, maybe on her phone or something else but there was a good car and a half length of free space in front of her so I changed lanes (she was completely still, not moving at all waiting for red light to change)."

That's when she blared her horn, tailgated him, and tried to run him to the side of the road. He attempted to escape her path of fury by pulling into a shopping center, but as you can see in the video, it did little to deter her.

Take a look, and be forewarned, the language is NSFW.

Can you believe that?? She's flat-out fat-shaming him, in front of her kid. Dropping F-bombs left and right. She got out of the car, leaving her kid in a running car at a stop sign, so she could curse at him and call him fat. Some people -- SMH.

On a scale from 1 to 11, how appalled are you by this lady's behavior?


Image via Tiziano L. U. Caviglia/Flickr

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