Bride Gets Final Dance With Dying Dad in His Hospital Room (VIDEO)

Holding HandsLisa Wilson gave up her dream wedding and ended up getting something much better in return -- a memory with her father that she will treasure always. Last month, Lisa and her fiance Robert Pantoja ditched their wedding plans, moved the whole thing up a week, and changed the location to the hospital bedside of Lisa's father.

David Wilson was suffering from a rare and fatal form of cancer when his daughter surprised him last month by changing her wedding plans so that he could be a part of it -- right down to an achingly sweet father-daughter dance.


"No, it’s not a bride’s dream," she admitted of the hospital room ceremony, but she seems like she wouldn't want it any other way.

"I asked him, 'I said daddy I want to do my father-daughter dance with you.' He said, 'I can’t dance and I said you don’t have to. I want to dance with your hands,'" Wilson said.

The groom said he was touched by the relationship between his bride and new father-in-law. Pantoja said, "He looked at me, he goes 'Rob, you’re the lucky one. You won the lottery, you got my baby girl.'"

After the couple said their vows, Lisa led her dad in an improvised dance from his bed to the song "I Will Always Love You." Get ready to be moved. 

Is that not the sweetest, most touching, heart-wrenching thing? But it's something Lisa will be able to treasure forever, as sadly, David passed on a little more than a week later.

Would you give up your "dream wedding" for a treasured memory with a dying parent?


Image via David Wilson/Facebook

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