Marine Wows Passengers With Moving 'Home' Cover Over Airplane Intercom (VIDEO)

Airplane Microphone

There has to be no better feeling in the world than coming home as a soldier after being deployed. Sometimes they even feel so good, they break into song -- and occasionally they're really good at it.

This is one of those instances. U.S. Marine Matt Bussen was flying home from training in Alabama, when he got the chance to serenade his fellow passengers over the airplane intercom. He chose to sing Michael Bublé's "Home," and his soulful voice conveyed just how happy he was to be heading home himself.


The video was actually recorded in 2010, but it's just now making headlines and getting the attention it deserves. Take a listen to his stunning performance and be even more amazed when you realize it's over an airplane intercom.

The passengers seemed to enjoy it quite a bit too, judging from the burst of emotional applause at the 1:45 mark.


Do you think Matt Bussen could've had a second calling as a singer?


Image via Stephan Rebernik/Flickr

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