Huge Rat Charges & Attacks Man 'With No Provocation' (VIDEO)

ratThere are certain realities you have to accept about living in a big city ...especially a big city like New York. The first is that the rents are out of this worlds (going rate for a studio apartment is $3,000). The next is that your metropolis is likely teeming with rats. TEEMING. So the fact that you see them in the subway once in awhile is no big surprise. However, they are getting too aggressive for my taste. A man has captured the moment a rat attacked him on the train platform. It truly is my worst commuting nightmare come true. Check it out.


Warning: You can't unsee this! It will surely give you the willies.

This is a MAJOR problem. It's one thing to see one on the tracks once in awhile, it's another to have to fend them off.  The victim, Josiah Ryan, didn't bait or antagonize the rat in any way -- it just went after him. "I' never had a fear of them at all until now," he said. Looks like we all have reason to worry if they are going all Planet of the Apes on us.

Here's what I don't understand: in our advanced, modern world, why can't we figure out a way to exterminate this menace? Or at the very least reduce the population. It's estimated that there are four rats for every person in New York. Can you imagine if they decided to rise up against the humans? With those numbers, they just might win.

Have you ever seen a rat attack a person?


Image via © Andrea Fremiotti/Gallery Stock/Galeries/Corbis

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