Ice Bucket Challenge Fails: 10 of the Most Hilarious Attempts (VIDEO)

Ice bucket challenge fails

Have you heard about the ice buck -- okay, of course you've heard about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Your Facebook feed is filled to the brim with videos of people doing the #icebucketchallenge. Hundred of celebrities have shared videos of themselves doing the ice bucket challenge. You've even seen the inevitable backlash to the ice bucket challenge.

This Monday the ALS Association said the challenge has helped raise more than $15 million in donations, and given the ongoing viral phenomenon of these videos, millions of dollars are likely still to come in before we all get distracted by something shiny.

That's amazing, and obviously anyone who loudly complains about these videos should dump an ice-cold bucket of STFU over their own head. Buuuuuuuuuut for those who are secretly a teeny tiny bit weary of this particular social media trend … please enjoy these 10 ice bucket challenge videos gone (stupendously, hilariously) bad.


1) This guy who's probably dead now.

Holy crap. Good thing he was wearing a helmet.

2) This brother whose challenge participation strategy inadvertently changed midstream.

My favorite part is the hysterical cackling of whoever's shooting the video.

3) This girl who is probably also dead.

OMG stop trying to dump enormously heavy buckets from heights, people.

4) This girl who should have used something other than a cooler.

The shower rod collapsing is the cherry on top.

5) This girl who shouldn't have tried to get creative.

I love that this was take two, by the way.

6) This guy who doesn't understand styrofoam.

At least he didn't plummet over the side of the building, which is what I thought was going to happen.

7) This girl whose friend must have skipped arm day.


8) This dad who shouldn't have put the kids to work.

Heavy bucket, little kid = faaaaaaiiiiiil.

9) This guy who shouldn't have tied up his dog nearby.

Dogs don't understand fundraising, dude.

10) This guy whose friend really should have HELD ONTO THE BUCKET.

Haaa. Oh dear. I feel bad for laughing. Hahahahahaha. Sort of. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA.

Be honest: do you love the ice bucket fails like a thousand times better than the successful videos? By the way, to skip the challenge part and go directly to the donating, you can give to the ALS online, by phone, or by mail. Here's some information on how the organization uses donated funds.

Image via nautical/Flickr

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