Women's Brush With Death on Railroad Bridge Captured in Chilling Video (WATCH)

Railroad BridgeThere are certain rules that should just never be broken, no matter how safe you think you are. Never look down the barrel of a gun is a good one. In fact, just always assume a gun is loaded. Another is to never cross a bridge of railroad tracks.

Two Indiana women were caught on film earlier this month on an 80-foot-high railroad bridge by the camera of a freight train racing toward them. Panicked, they duck under the train as the whistle blows. Miraculously, neither woman was seriously injured, and both walked away from the scene.


The incident occurred in the early morning of July 10, just before sunrise. The engineer of the 100-car, 14,000-ton coal train watched in horror as the two women scrambled on the tracks before disappearing in front of him. He activated the emergency brakes, but there was no way a train with that kind of momentum was going to stop in time.

On the video footage, one woman ducks down immediately while the other appears to try to run before quickly realizing her only chance would be to duck too. When your options are get hit by a train, jump to your death (or at least very serious injury), or duck under the train, you take your best chance at survival.

Indiana Rail Road spokesman Eric Powell said, "They're frankly running for their lives at this point in time," after reviewing the tape. "He had thought he had killed the two people here on this bridge," he continued. "Both duck at the last minute ... how they survived that is nothing short of a miracle."

It's unclear at this point if the women will be prosecuted for trespassing, but both have been identified thanks to train personnel who wrote down their licence plate after watching them climb down from the bridge and drive away.

Powell said this isn't the first time people have braved the tracks. There's a trail that's apparently pretty easy to follow, and warning signs only work if you actually pay attention to them. "It's dangerous, but it's easy for people to get on the tracks and walk on there," he said.

Would you ever tempt fate by crossing a railroad bridge?


Image via Daniel Arvesen/Flickr

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