Adorable Grandpa Busts Serious Moves on the Dance Floor (VIDEO)

Dancing PopsNow added to my life to-do list: Grow old, stay funky, dance up a storm, and become an Internet sensation to warm the hearts of cubicle occupants and stay-at-home parents everywhere.

Because there is nothing better on a Monday than to come across a gem like this YouTube video. An adorable grandfatherly man starts boogieing down to some music at an event, using his double canes to keep his rhythm with the beat of the music. 


Then to the delight of the crowd, things get crazy and Pops gets super funky as he throws down his canes with gusto and goes to town with his bad self.

Isn't that the sweetest, cutest thing ever? I think my favorite part is that he even gets some awesome hip sways in! This video is a great reminder that growing old can be as awesome as you want to make it.

Does this video make you want to grow old and stay cool?


Image via MB SEDLITA/YouTube

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