Touching Derek Jeter Tribute Will Leave You Speechless Even if You're Not a Fan (VIDEO)

derek jeter commercial

Okay, okay, say what you will about Derek Jeter and the New York Yankees in general -- especially if you're a Boston Red Sox fan -- but you have to admit, this latest commercial in Jeter's honor in a new Jordan Brand commercial is pretty fantastic. A bunch of really famous people, from former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani to Jay Z to Michael Jordan to Tiger Woods, gives Derek Jeter a hat tip in anticipation of his last All-Star Game as a player. Ex-teammates and "Core Four" members Andy Pettitte, Mariano Rivera, and Jorge Posada make an appearance as well. So does Billy Crystal.

Even Red Sox fans and New York Mets players (and their mascot) with their faces blurred were in on the commercial.

You can't help but respect the man who's played Major League Baseball for the past two decades. The full-length commercial will play on Tuesday night before Jeter goes to bat during the All-Star Game.


Here it is!

RE2PECT, right?

From all accounts and reports, Jeter is one classy, all-around well-liked dude. He always had a team-first mentality, and though this spot may seem over the top -- it's not like the guy cured cancer or anything -- keep in mind that this is what it is: a Nike commercial. Yankees fan or not, this is a great tribute to everything he's done for baseball. He will most definitely be missed. C'mon, the guy got through an entire 20 seasons as a Yankee without an arrest or a performance-enhancing drug scandal. That's gotta mean something. Right? Right??

And that pixelated Mr. Met was pretty damn funny.

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Anyway, few things will make me sit through an entire All-Star baseball game, but watching Jeter play one last time might just do the trick. Hopefully he will enjoy a well-deserved, relaxing retirement. Those millions in the bank will most likely be very, very helpful.

Do you think this is an appropriate farewell for Derek Jeter?


Image via Jordan/YouTube

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