Woman's Act of Kindness to Young Mom in Walmart Goes Viral (VIDEO)

walmartWould you help a mom in need? For Carol Flynn, the answer to that question was a resounding "yes" as she stood behind a mom in Walmart who couldn't afford the diapers in her cart. She watched as the young woman at the checkout counter removed three of four large boxes of diapers from her cart and put them aside because the store wouldn't price match a lower cost offered by a competitor.

Instead of letting this stranger go without, Flynn picked up the tab. “I thought, ‘If she needs diapers, she must have a little one.’ Little ones are close to your heart when you’re a grandmother,” she told Today. The entire heartwarming scene was caught by another patron. Take a look.


Watch as the brazen granny puts those big boxes right back in the woman's cart. Such a kind gesture.

Flynn said the mom tried to decline, but the 73-year-old was determined to help her out. "Not that I'm wealthy or have a lot of money, but I certainly could afford to do that, so it was kind of an easy thing to do."

She had no idea that someone captured the moment on video. The cameraman wrote on his Facebook page: "My wife and I were speechless at this warm-hearted and kind act of generosity. There are some amazing people in this world. What a way to end such a beautiful day to witness such an amazing act of kindness. To whomever the older lady that helped this young girl, I hope this finds you. Thank you and God bless you."

That act of kindness is also having an impact on the thousands who are sharing it. It's easy to be selfish in these hard, economic times. There is so much uncertainty and so many bills to pay, it's hard to make a sacrifice like that. But it has so much power -- it makes you feel good, certainly makes the receiver feel blessed, and can inspire those around you.

Tell us about a random act of kindness you have done?


Image via Walmart/Flickr

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