Cop Pulled Over By Truck Driver Gets a Much Needed Lesson (WATCH)

truckTalk about a role reversal. A trucker pulled over an Illinois state trooper he saw driving recklessly. According to the big rig driver, the officer was talking on his cell phone and going well over the speed limit on the rain-slicked highway. He honked his horn until the cop stopped and their entire exchange was caught on a cell phone camera.  It has over 3,000,000 views in the week since it was uploaded to YouTube. Once you watch, you will see why.



I can certainly understand why this truck driver did what he did. They are always getting criticism and complaints for their driving and while much of it is probably deserved, they are not the only ones wreaking havoc on the road. It's especially egregious when a cop skirts the rules. He should be called out for his illegal behavior. And how many times have they pulled over people for the smallest of infractions and been total jerks about it?

Don't you just love how the trooper tries to intimidate and threaten the driver -- but to no avail. There were a few tense moments but the trucker doesn't even back down. The cop eventually tries to offer him a bribe peace offering in the form of a good inspection. Pathetic.

I personally would have been a afraid to be so brazen -- even if I was filming the entire scene. But based on the many comments, this guy is a hero to countless other drivers for exposing this behavior.

Would you ever call a cop out for breaking the law?


Image via C.P. Storm/Flickr

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