Out-of-Control Elevator Ride Is Every Rider's Worst Nightmare (WATCH)


Millions of people get on and off elevators every single day without a problem. However, Jose Vergara Acevedo wasn't so lucky. During a recent ride, his out-of-control elevator climbed 30 floors in 15 seconds before smashing into the roof. I actually used to have a recurring nightmare about this very thing. To see it happen to this poor man in real life is purely frightening. Take a look.


Of course everything seems normal at first. Then it's clear there is a major malfunction with the elevator. Since the doors did not stay closed, you can see it zip past one floor after another. It's amazing how fast it's going. He tried to press the buttons to stop it, but to no avail. We can only imagine what was going through his mind during those anguished seconds.

The ride came to an end once the elevator hit the 31st floor and crashed into the roof. Unfortunately, Vergara Acevedo didn't walk away unscathed. He reportedly has some serious injuries to his leg and head.

It's not clear what went wrong, but there are reports that the Providencia, Chile building was completed just eight months ago. Some may expect this kind of accident in an old building, but not in one so new. Scary, isn't it?

Have you ever been in an out-of-control elevator?


Image via Thomas R. Stegelmann/Flickr

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