Entire Wedding Party Falls in Lake & Bride's Reaction Is the Best (VIDEO)

dock collapseIt was going to be the perfect wedding party portrait. Dan and Jackie Anderson gathered with their closest friends on a deck over a picturesque lake in Minnesota, everyone in perfectly matching dresses and tuxes. And then, the last thing you'd want to happen happened. No -- not a sudden downpour. Worse. The entire dock collapsed under the wedding party, dunking everyone into the lake. Okay, now it's a party!

Fortunately no one was seriously hurt, just soaked. But you'll never guess what the bride said as soon as she clambered back on shore.


Wedding videographer Megan Fritze says the bride "looked up with the biggest smile in the world. She was literally laughing out loud and just smiling. The first thing she said was, 'Did you record that? Please tell me you got that on camera!' I thought, 'This is a really cool bride.'" And yes, Fritze did get the wedding dunk on camera.

This did not put an end to the party, by the way. Everyone dried off and carried on. Talk about Midwestern grit! Thank goodness the water wasn't that deep -- no hair was harmed in the wedding swim. And two of the bridesmaids even managed to run off the deck without getting dunked at all.

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What a crazy wedding memory, right? When you think about it, it's almost better that the dock collapsed. They'll have a wedding video like none other, and they'll enjoy laughing over it for years to come. And it'll remind them of what's most important about a wedding: Not the perfect dresses or the perfect reception, but celebrating a union between two people with your dearest family and friends.

Anyway -- you have to see this wedding party swim. It feels better to laugh with the party than at them, I think. So it's in that spirit that we're sharing this video.

Would you have been amused if this happened at your wedding, or would you have been upset?


Image via megjenae/Vimeo

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