50 Cent's First Pitch at Mets Game Has to Be Seen to Be Believed (VIDEO)

50 CentYou know who's full of surprises? Curtis Jackson, aka rapper 50 Cent, that's who. For one thing, he's a surprisingly savvy life coach who gives advice like making a vision board with your partner in order to reveal what doesn't overlap ("The things that end up on your vision board that aren't in hers are the things that she has to accept. And the things that she has that you don't are the things that you have to make a compromise with"). He's written a number of books, including The 50th Law, "an entertaining analysis of the mechanics of individualistic power." He's also the worst ceremonial pitcher in the history of baseball.

Okay, maybe he's not the WORST, but the video evidence of 50 Cent's ceremonial first pitch at the New York Mets v Pittsburgh Pirates game on Tuesday night is nearly unbelievable in its hilarity. I mean, my 6-year-old can throw a better pitch than 50 Cent. A blindfolded, tranquilized, quadriplegic alpaca could throw a better pitch than 50 Cent.


50 Cent certainly looked the part, sporting his Mets jersey with 50 on the front and Jackson on the back, but as soon as he launched the ball, he ended up in the hall of shame. Just watch how badly this goes:

HAAAAAA. I mean, what even happened there? Juuuuust a bit outside INDEED. Damn, he practically beaned the cameraman. It's like there was a force field around the catcher. Like that show, Under the Dome. Was there an invisible dome? Maybe somebody should check.

Maybe 50 Cent doesn't actually deserve the honor of worst ceremonial pitcher, considering the cringe-fest of trying to get Child-Saving Hero Cat to throw a ball:

Or poor Carly Rae Jepsen:

As for 50, he seems to be taking the humiliation in stride. Here's what he posted on Instagram:

I'm a hustler not a Damn ball player.

Are you surprised that 50 Cent is such an incredibly bad pitcher?

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