This Amazing 'Happy' Fan Video Got 6 People Arrested

Yesterday was the United Nations International Day of Happiness -- a day to simply celebrate the things in life that should make us ... well, happy. Sounds lovely, right? But not everyone believes people should have the freedom to express their joy through music, dance, and public displays of individualistic spirit. While Americans continue to go crazy over Pharrell Williams' catchy-as-can-be tune "Happy," in Iran, six young people were arrested for making a "Happy" fan video that couldn't be less offensive.


The Iranians were shot singing and boogy-ing down to the song while frolicking on Tehran's rooftops. The three men in the clip look ecstatic and free, and the three women show off fancy dance moves -- while not wearing their traditional head veils, which got them into a lot of hot water.

Under Islamic law, women are required to be fully covered from head to toe. Even though one of the women in the vid argues they wore wigs in order to comply with the law, this wasn't good enough for Iranian authorities.

They were arrested and forced to publicly apologize for their behavior. Their homemade video had already hit YouTube, where it currently has more than 250,000 views, and this certainly didn't make matters any easier for them. Authorities called it a "vulgar clip which hurt public chastity."

Since their arrest, all six performers have been freed -- but the director of the video remains in jail.

If you're wondering whether Pharrell had anything to say about it, you can be sure he did. The singer took to his Facebook page and posted: "It is beyond sad that these kids were arrested for trying to spread happiness." He also publicized the Twitter hashtag #FreeHappyIranians.

Check out the video and let us know what you think:

Do you feel the Iranian government had a right to arrest these performers for their "Happy" fan video?


Image via YouTube

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