Amazing Time-Lapse Footage of Wyoming Supercell Is Hauntingly Beautiful (VIDEO)

Thanks, Mother Nature, for reminding us just how gorgeous you really are. Even terrifying conditions like rare supercell thunderstorms are breathtakingly majestic and beautiful. Especially when they're viewed from far away, because let's be honest, those things are terrifying.

Storm chasers in Wyoming Sunday captured a time-lapse video of the rarest and most destructive form of thunderstorms called a supercell storm. Conditions have to be just so for one to form, but when they do -- oh man. The Oklahoma-based group known as Basehunters fearlessly tracked this storm and created a hauntingly beautiful video that really reminds us of the important things in life, like nature is really big and we are really small.


Take a look and try not to get goosebumps, I dare you.

Doesn't it look like the sky is reaching down to touch the earth? And the end when it breaks up, there's a feeling of disbelief, like, how can the sun be shining after that powerful thing ripped great big rain clouds into a cylinder to attack the ground with wind and rain and thunder and lightning? It just doesn't seem possible.

Nature's like that, man. Powerful and mighty in one minute, and gentle and sunshiny the next. Respect.

Do you respect nature more when you see things like this?


Image via Basehunters Chasing/Twitter

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