Killer Clown Terrifies People In Incredibly Cruel Prank (VIDEO)

scary clown prankIf you are not typically afraid of clowns, you will be after seeing this scary video. Unsuspecting passersby got the fright of their lives as they witnessed a homicidal clown murder someone and then turn his sights on them. In the three days since it was posted to the YouTube channel DM Pranks Productions, it has gotten nearly 3 million views and that number is rising fast. Mere words can't convey the horror of the creepy scenario. Take a look.


Honestly, this is the very definition of terrifying.

These situations prey on our worst fears. It's dark, you are walking alone in a secluded area, and you happen upon a gruesome crime in the works. Not only did they think they were seeing someone bludgeoned to death by the most menacing murderer imaginable, they become his next intended victim.

I love pranks just as much as the next guy, but this goes beyond a few harmless chuckles. The filmmakers called the rouse one of thier  "social experiements" that acted as a "pure eye opener for the people." Please! This is just cruelty disguised as fun.

Shot in Magione, Italy, this stunt is more dangerous than funny. What if someone had gotten hurt as they tried to run away. Or worse, what if one of the victims had a heart attack. They could have never done this in the United States. We are far too litigious. These pranksters would be up to their necks in lawsuits.

Do you find this prank funny?

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