Congressman Caught on Camera in Embarrassing, Stomach-Churning Act (VIDEO)

You never know who could be watching you while you're doing something totally gross, like picking your nose or squeezing your blackheads. That is, of course, unless you are a high(ish)-profile politician who is used to attending meetings in which TV cameras are positioned all over the room. Then there is no excuse for your disgusting behavior.

Clearly, Congressman Joe Garcia from Florida did not get this message because he was recently caught on video picking his ear and then eating it. Wait, people actually do that? Of course, the footage quickly went viral and now it will be impossible for this man's colleagues to shake his hand without thinking, ew, I know where those fingers have been.

What was he thinking?!


The 50-year-old has only been in office since 2013, so it's possible he didn't realize...okay, let me stop there because there is NO EXCUSE for him picking out his ear wax on TV. Most of us are trained early on in life to never, ever be caught in our cars or any public place attending to our gross habits. If you knew cameras would be tracking your every move, wouldn't you be on your best behavior and wear your Sunday best?

We know politicians often get caught doing horrendous things -- remember Anthony Weiner? By comparison, Garcia's yucky habit isn't criminal, but it does make us feel a little bad for the guy. How is anyone going to ever see him in the same way again?

If there's one good thing about this video it's this: you should immediately show it to your children because it will surely rid them of any and all disgusting habits.

Here it is -- prepare to be amazed:

Are you surprised by this politician's dirty habit?


Image via YouTube

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