'Shovel Fight Girl' Death Is a Hoax But Violence Was Real (VIDEO)

shovel fight girlViolence among teens is a very real issue. There are children -- possibly right now -- partaking in organized fights right in their front yards, parents presumably not at home, and it's all being filmed by their friends. One of these fights is getting a lot of attention because there were rumors that one of the girls died after getting hitting in the head with a shovel.

Miranda Fugate Lockwood, 16, also known as "Shovel Fight Girl," was brawling with Emily Powers in Powers' yard. Some younger kids' toys can be seen near the porch, indicating there may be even younger kids exposed to this kind of violence. There seems to be at least four friends filming the whole thing. After punching Emily multiple times in the face, Miranda appeared to be the "winner" in this fight -- another girl attempted to end it. Emily then told Miranda to get out of her yard, and when she didn't leave, Emily acted as if she was going to get a BB gun. She ended up throwing a shovel at Miranda's head.


The video is public and very disturbing to watch. The fight itself is awful -- seeing two girls punch each other in the face and kick each other in the stomach is horrifying. You can see the swelling and maybe even blood coming from Emily's eye. And to think they do this for "fun."

The girls aren't supposed to use "weapons" as they call them, but Emily did, throwing the shovel in close range that hit Miranda on the side of her head. It knocked her to the ground and soon she began crying and saying that she couldn't hear. The rumors began circulating that she collapsed and died once she got home. 

She didn't die -- that was a hoax. What's also terrible is that this video has gotten close to half a million views. And that the kids involved in this are still arguing, and still may fight again. 

That last tweet was apparently in response to Emily's tweet that read: "I told your ass to get out of my house lmao if this is you, you're a fu*&ing pussy. Rot in hell bitch."

This violence for fun can too easily escalate -- as we see here. It's just so sad that teens are doing this, thinking this is okay, filming it for fun, and getting "famous" over the whole thing. I just hope parents take note, look for signs that their child is participating in something like this, and talk to them about, with the hope it gets through to them that it's not okay. And if the parents are the root cause of this type of behavior, I sincerely hope these kids get help from their school, their friends, or whoever could be a positive influence in their lives.

Have you ever seen violence like this among teens? What do you think should be done?

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