Mother Defends Son After Video Shows Him Abusing a Cat (VIDEO)

Mom must be so proud. A 21-year-old Brooklyn man was arrested on aggravated animal cruelty charges after video surfaced of him drop-kicking a friendly outdoor cat 20 feet in the air as his buddies laughed. Andre Robinson was tracked down with the help of a video that was uploaded to Facebook of Robinson apparently quite happy with himself for enticing the cat, who hangs around the housing project where he lives, to come to him for a pet -- and then kicking it in the stomach as hard as he could. Disgusted people began sharing the video in hopes of finding Robinson. Animal lovers and the NYPD were able to track him down.


You would think any mother who heard about this would be infuriated with her son. Or at the very least terribly ashamed. But not Andre's mom Mary Kirby. When confronted about what her son did, she told the New York Daily News:

He had to be high on something. It’s very out of his character. He had to be high to do what he did. This isn’t him. He loves animals. He loved his cats, he had dogs, he always loved them.

Hmm. Why do I suspect Mary and Andre's version of "love" is not what other people's are?

Additionally, Andrew has eight other prior arrests, all at the tender age of 21. One of them including a robbery at knifepoint. In fact, police were so familiar with Andre that they were easily able to identify him from the cat-kicking video.

That didn't stop Mary Kirby from showing up at court to collect her good boy and insisting that the "cat is fine." Andre was let out of jail without bond, thanks to a judge who seemed to think it was "unclear" who had kicked the cat -- despite very clear video evidence of Andre doing exactly that. (Petitions are now circulating to bring the man to justice.)

Look, it's difficult for moms to see their kids in a bad light. I get that. But when you've got video evidence of your adult child abusing an animal, now is the time for some tough love -- and I mean tough. Not an excuse. Not an "Oh, my dear boy, he was just high." Boo hoo.

Obviously, this isn't Andre's first time at the rodeo. With eight priors and now an animal assault charge, it's time that mom woke up to the fact that her precious son isn't so precious. Who knows what is next for this "charming" lad. Abusing animals is often the first step to something even more heinous.

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The silver lining is that the crime brought the attention of police, which brought the attention of animal rescuers -- and the cat was found and taken off the streets. He is currently at the ASPCA.

See the man kicking the cat here but be warned it is graphic.

Here is a pic of the cat after he was saved by various rescue groups and the NYPD:

Would you defend your kid if he did something like this? Especially if he's an adult?!


Images via alliecatmar/Flickr/ASPCA/North Shore Animal League/Sean Casey Animal Rescue

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