Dad Teaches Toddler How to Smoke in Twisted Video (WATCH)

What father doesn't want to bond with his young son? Whether it's playing catch, kicking around a soccer ball, or maybe playing some video games, bonding time between dad and son is something transcendentally special. However, there are some things dad shouldn't share with his young son. And one of those things would be his smoking habit. That didn't stop one father though. In a shocking video, the shirtless dad shared his smoke with his equally shirtless toddler -- and it's clear this isn't the first time the baby has taken a cigarette break.


It's unclear where the video came from -- possibly Russia or the Russian Caucuses -- but it's causing outrage. Judging by the way the toddler wields a ciggy, he looks like he's been smoking since he was a newborn.

When the dad takes the cigarette back to smoke it, the toddler cries as if he's just had his favorite toy taken away from him. Looks like he's already addicted.

Obviously, this is a terrible thing for a father to do to his kid. Smoking causes so many health issues, it's unbelievable. This kid is likely to become a heavy smoker by the time he's a teen. Hell, he may even die by the time he's in his 20s or earlier thanks to this habit! Dad probably won't think this is all so funny when his kid is in a wheelchair from a stroke or hooked up to an oxygen tank or dying of cancer. Of course, dad might be dead by then too.

Look, I realize not every country coddles their kids like this country does. But there isn't any country that doesn't know smoking kills you.

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And it's pretty sickening how the person filming it all is laughing and sounds like a woman. Probably the kid's mom!

As a parent, you want to protect your kid, have him grow up as healthy and happy as can be. This dad might think he's bonding -- but there is some good bonding, some bad. This is definitely bad.

Has your kid ever wanted to share one of your bad habits?


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