Heroic Bus Riders Beat Up Bully Attacking an Elderly Couple (VIDEO)

Sometimes it's easy to forget that the world is full of many good people. Especially when you are on a bus being bullied by a foul-mouthed, very large miscreant who is moments away from attacking you. For whatever reason, an extremely threatening-looking man wearing a black leather jacket has it out for an elderly couple on a bus in what is reportedly New York City. He calls the elderly woman every name in the book, and when an elderly man tries to intervene, the bus bully gets physical with him. But the passengers aren't going to let it go down like that.


First the man calls the elderly woman, who sits with what may be her husband, plenty of disgusting names. The crowd watches warily and tries to calm him down, but none move in -- I wouldn't either. The guy is huge, and who knows if he's armed.

But finally the elderly man with a cane next to her has had enough. He stands up to protect the woman, and the "man" (he does not deserve that title) throws a punch at him.

That's when the passengers decide they've had enough too.

One passenger comes out of nowhere and begins pummeling the man. The passenger even looks smaller than he is -- but he is not going to stand by and watch this elderly man get beaten up by a thug.

At this point, all of the other passengers join in, and what they end up doing to the man is street justice at its finest ... check it out. Warning: The video contains very salty language!

Wasn't that awesome? Many commenters note that a woman with a badge of some kind appears to casually walk away from the encounter -- but she could have been a random security guard from a company. Most NYC buses don't have security guards. Also, she could have been calling for backup. Who knows.

This was a very delicate situation. This guy was clearly unhinged and he was physically very imposing. Any one of these passengers could have gotten shot, knifed, or had their jaw broken for coming to the aid of this old couple. It's no wonder they hesitated and hoped the guy would back down. But when he didn't, they did what needed to be done.

Notice how quickly the bully crumbled when men his own age came after him. Bullies are pretty "brave" as long as they are going after weaker targets!

Kudos to the elderly gentleman who stood up ready to take on a jerk much younger and stronger than him. Also, cheers to these awesome New Yorkers for getting involved!

Have you ever come to the aid of a stranger?

Image via LiveLeak

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