Snowmobiling Couple Finds Out Why Chasing a Moose Is a Bad Idea (VIDEO)

snowmobiler mooseIf I were snowmobiling and I came across a bull moose who was on the same trail and traveling the same direction I was, there's pretty much no question what I would do: I would stop the snowmobile. And maybe turn around. Or at least wait until the moose had some time to get away from me. Because tailgating a moose doesn't seem like a super smart idea.

Granted, I don't really have any personal experience with moose encounters, but I know they're big wild animals who can't be counted on to be like, "Oh, a human in a loud vehicle's chasing me, tra la la, I see NO reason to defend myself." Based on the viral video of two snowmobilers being charged by a pissed-off moose near Jackman, Maine last Friday, I'd say these creatures are no different from many parents: THEY JUST WANT THEIR PERSONAL SPACE, DAMMIT.


Janis and Bob Powell were snowmobiling in Maine on Friday when they came across a young bull moose. Janis had a helmet camera, which captured the whole showdown, which happened after they'd followed the moose for at least 20 seconds or so. The moose stopped, turned, and charged Bob -- leading to a frightened scramble as he got on his wife's snowmobile, and Janis eventually fired a warning shot to try and scare the animal away.

Here's the original video -- take a look.

Unfortunately they removed embedding for the clip, but here's CNN's version:

I am seriously glad that couple didn't get hurt ... but I have to say, I'm not entirely unsympathetic with the moose. He looks pretty mangy and unwell, so maybe that contributed to his aggressive behavior, but it just doesn't seem like he should have been expected to understand the difference between "We're following you and we mean no harm!" and "We're chasing you because we're ravenous carnivores."

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The Powells have apparently received some unkind comments from their video and have posted an explanation:

Contrary to what some people think, we WERE NOT chasing this moose; it had come out onto the trail and we followed it expecting it to get off the trail any time, which always happens when coming across them. We are very respectful of wildlife. We were not following it too close and were actually slowing down. Moose are not afraid of snowmobiles and don't act like this when we see them on the trail. We have never seen one be this aggressive and we see them all the time in this area.

I'm sure they had no idea the moose would turn and charge like that, but ... well, next time maybe keep your distance, folks. Also, according to the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department, if any of you are approached by an angry moose in the future, you should retreat slowly and raise your arms to appear bigger.

Like this:

I mean, would you attack that woman? No indeed. Way too fierce.

What's your take on these snowmobilers -- do you think they shouldn't have been following the moose?

Image via YouTube

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