Judge Who Threatened Rude Killer Did What We All Wish We Could Do (VIDEO)


We've all been horrified by courtoom footage of a killer who clearly has no remorse. They smile, laugh, act as though they don't care -- basically thumb their noses at the entire legal process and their victims. Well, one Michigan judge had enough of that attitude from one convicted killer and yelled an incredibly chilling threat her way. Was it inappropriate? Probably. But it was something I'm sure a lot of other people also wanted to say.


Camia Gamet was found guilty of murdering a boyfriend, and during her recent sentencing hearing, her behavior was downright disrespectful. There she stood, on trial for "gutting" a man like a fish, and she snickered and rolled her eyes. Jackson County Circuit Judge John McBain wasn't going to let her get away with it. His temper got the best of him and he threatened her. Check out what he said:

You can feel the anger in his voice. He was beyond angered at this woman's callousness. And the way he described the crime is absolutely chilling. To say he hopes she "dies in prison" and that if they were in a death penalty state, she would "get the chair" is a bit out of character for a judge to say while sitting on the bench. However, we can all understand where that reaction came from. It must be hard day in and day out seeing cold-hearted killers shrug their shoulders or make ridiculous excuses for their brutal, heinous crimes.

Do you think the judge was wrong for his outburst?


Image via Fox 2

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