Brawling Bridezilla Beats Down Fellow Passenger on Plane (VIDEO)

Getting married can cause all kinds of jitters, which might explain why brides seem to do such bizarre things leading up to the nuptials. Orrr maybe it's just booze and lack of class. Either way, a bride on a flight decided to get into a brawl while wearing her white veil. She smacked down another female passenger while someone caught it all on video. Maybe she just watches too much Real Housewives.


Said the guy who filmed the whole thing:

I could see shouting and it looked like two girls were fighting. Then I saw the bride run along and jump in. She threw three or four punches. I grabbed my phone to get it on camera. It all happened so fast. It lasted about a minute in all.

The passenger says that the flight from England to Spain had been delayed for an hour and, not shockingly, the bride's party seemed to have been imbibing during that time. Makes you wonder what the reception will be like -- or was like. And the marriage.
What is it about brides that makes them feel they can behave in such egregious ways? Ladies (and I use that term loosely), you're getting married. You didn't discover the cure for cancer. Pretty much anyone can do it. There are women who do it multiple times. It's nothing special.
A member of the crew came along to break up the fight -- in which the brawling bride got in quite a few punches -- but no word whether the dainty dear was arrested upon landing. One can hope.
I hope she and her mother-in-law get along or the groom is in for one helluva ride.
Do you think the wedding made her anxious? Or is she just a bridezilla from hell?

Image via Daily News
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