Honey Maid Turns Anti-Gay Hate Mail Into Something Beautifully Powerful (VIDEO)

honeymaid this is wholesomeBack in March, graham cracker makers Honey Maid revealed a campaign called This Is Wholesome featuring a same sex couple lovingly feeding their baby, an interracial family happily walking together, and a heavily tattooed mom hugging her child. People complained. This is NOT wholesome, some wrote. Disgusting, said others. The hate mail poured in and Honey Maid collected all of it.

They asked two artists to take all the negative comments and transform them into something beautiful. My heart began racing wondering just what it is that they would do. And what they did ended up making me cry and also restored my faith that if we embrace hate with love, we can prevail. You must see this response. It's truly beautiful.


It's clear that Honey Maid believes in the equality of all families. They are willing to risk losing customers to not only show that, but to defend their decision. And they aren't defending themselves in a typical way -- they are simply and beautifully showing what it's like to spread love and attempt to erase hate.

To see the hate mail being rolled up to make up the letters to spell out "love" was inspiring. A total transformation. And then when the letters of support were rolled up in the opposite way -- ink on the outside -- to surround the letters of hate ... wow.

We can't meet hate with hate. We have to show love. Softness. If we meet hate with more hate, that's war. Who knew we could receive such an amazing message from a graham cracker company? Only one thing really matters when it comes to family and that's love. Beautiful. Thank you, Honey Maid. Sincerely ... thank you.

Now who wants some Honey Maid? I'll never look at my Teddy Grahams the same way again.

What do you think of their response?

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