​Man Proposes to Girlfriend After Elaborate, Romantic 'Treasure' Hunt (VIDEO)

couple engaged taxiProposals are romantic no matter where they happen. It's a proposal -- a declaration of undying forever kind of love! They often are very telling of what kind of man or woman you will be marrying if you say yes. Hopefully you already know that though. But if Lesley Frankel, 28, had any doubt about John Tracy, 29, that was replaced with a huge dose of "oh my goodness, you are the sweetest, most incredible man in the world" after his proposal.

And all he had to do was ask her to marry him in a taxi cab. But it wasn't just any taxi cab.


It was Leslie's late grandfather's cab. Leslie was very close with her grandfather, Berek Kempinski, and he drove a cab with the medallion 8D99 for 40 years, so it was very special to her. Every time she was in a taxi, she checked the medallion, but in all the years she did that, she never matched her beloved grandfather's number. But John did. And he surprised her not only with finding the cab with that medallion, but proposing in that cab!

How obscure. How Radiohead song of him. How sort of completely and utterly nerdy and beautiful. It shows that this man loves this woman and he pays attention and wow! Love!


"I tried calling 311. I took cabs around the city and would ask them if they knew any database to get in touch with other cabdrivers," Joh said. "It didn’t seem too promising." So he send out tweets for help and the Taxi & Limousine Commission put him in touch with the medallion's owner, Sergio Cabrera, who LOVED the story.

"It’s a little mischievous, and it’s definitely part of my character," he said. Ah ha! Yay, Sergio!

Sergio positioned his cab in the perfect spot so when John met up with Leslie outside of her job at Montefiore Children’s Hospital, it would be the taxi they hailed. Leslie saw the medallion right away. "I was in complete shock when I saw my grandfather’s cab pull up to us. I was shaking, I was in total shock. I’ve been looking for this medallion ever since my grandfather passed away." And that's when John whipped out a stunning 1.6-carat emerald-cut diamond ring and proposed. 

She said yes!

Ten bucks that Sergio is invited to the wedding.

What do you think of this proposal? Great story, isn't it? Shows he's really listening and paying attention to his now future wife.

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