Terrifying Video Shows Skydivers' World Trade Center Jump That Got Them Arrested (WATCH)

World Trade Center jumpers Three men, whose video of their illicit and illegal base jump from the World Trade Center has slowly started to go viral, just turned themselves into police for arrest. James Brady, 32, Andrew Rossig, 33, Marco Markovich, 27, and Kyle Hartwell (who worked as the lookout), 29, were charged with burglary, reckless endangerment, and, you know, JUMPING FROM 1 WORLD TRADE CENTER LIKE TOTAL IDIOTS. If you're scared of heights -- do not watch this video!

The three probably gained access to the summit thanks to Brady, who used to be employed at the WTC as an iron-worker. The police are taking these charges really seriously. But it's kind of a case of too little too late. Between this latest stunt and last week's story about the teenager who reached the top and took photos, it's clear that security is lacking. You know, to put it exceptionally mildly.


While the skydive itself is stomach-dropping enough to witness, that's not the most frightening aspect of this crime. The really scary part is how, exactly, the group made its way inside to perpetrate their prank. Apparently, they got in through a fence with a hole in it. The hole in question was only covered by a plastic tarp.

Although it's lame of the defendants to cry out terrorism, they do sort of have a point. What if someone with a far more malicious scheme in mind had made their way onto the grounds and into the building with such ease? The very notion is chilling beyond measure.

While it's obvious that the group of adrenaline junkies are now just frantically back-pedaling to compensate for their stupid stunt, you've kind of got to admire them. Not because they are ballsy enough to hurl themselves from buildings, but because they're not just taking responsibility, they are planning to donate any proceeds made from the video to the victims of 911. Hey, if you're going to profit off of something asinine, at least do something magnanimous with the dollars, right?

Do you think the police are blowing this out of proportion?


Image via JasonParis/Flickr

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