School Groundskeeper Caught in Powerful Spontaneous Act of Patriotism (VIDEO)

American Flag AlcatrazIf you need a boost in your faith in humanity and even the next generation, look no further! This patriotic image that has gone viral could surely do the trick. The photo, taken by a middle school teacher in Texas, depicts a school groundskeeper named Clayton Allen, Jr. putting down his tools to pay respects during the Pledge of Allegiance.

The teacher, Garrett Hartman, told FOX that he felt Allen's actions "spoke volumes for his character."

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groundskeeper patriotic photo

Wow, right? And as if that wasn't enough to impress him about the groundskeeper, what he later learned about him made an even greater impression. After snapping the photo that day, Hartman and another teacher went to meet with their fellow Smith Middle School employee. Hartman elaborates:

To find out that [Allen] was 21 -- that really brought home the moment for both of us.

I'll say. I'm impressed, too! Sadly, it's not all that often that you see someone -- especially that age -- exhibit so much respect and patriotism. Allen says his parents and upbringing are to thank, explaining:

I think about what Afghanistan and different other countries go through, we gotta be thankful. The blessings we have -- each and every day we have to be thankful.

So true. What an amazing reminder -- and inspiration.

Check out Elisabeth Hasselbeck's report on the photo ...


What's your reaction to this groundskeeper's patriotic move?


Image via Cristian_RH7/Flickr

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