Police 'Ticket' 2-Year-Old Girl for Reckless Driving in Toy Convertible (VIDEO)

police ticket 2 year oldSometimes it's rough being a 2-year-old. You've got people pressuring you to learn your shapes; chocolate cookies you can't eat; and traffic tickets to deal with. That's right, you heard me. Police in Jacksonville, Florida recently doled out a ticket to a toddler girl, who was driving her white convertible around a parking lot.

The offense? Too much cuteness!


The police officers wrote the $4 ticket as a joke, so little Za'Dariyah doesn't have to worry about doing chores to earn money to pay it off or, worse, a court appearance. Cops were in the apartment complex, responding to a call, and when they saw the little girl having fun in her play car, they decided to get in on the action. Za'Dariyah's uncle, Keith Mishaw, took a photo of his niece getting the ticket and sent it into a local news station. The station posted it on their Facebook page, and it immediately went viral. "She was just actually doing her little driving thing and they [said], 'She deserves a ticket. She deserves a ticket,'" Mishaw said of the officers. He then added, "We had fun with it and my family had a good time with it. I want to say hey to the officer. He made a real good something out of nothing."

Adorable. A lot of the time, police get bad raps -- and, let's be honest, there are some not-so-great-ones out there -- but this is an awesome example of two good-natured cops, having fun with the people in their community.

And you got off easy this time, Za'Dariyah. But just make sure the police never catch you on your Dora phone while you're behind the wheel.

Has a cop ever "ticketed" a child you know?

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Image via Facebook/ABC

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