Wife Gets 'Crazy' Romantic Surprise From Soldier Husband at Hockey Game (VIDEO)

military wife and husband surprise reunionMilitary wife Jamie Jenn was at a Minnesota Wild hockey game and thought she was being called down from the crowd to answer a trivia question about a hockey player. But then she received a special message from her husband SPC Nicholas Jenn, who has been serving in Kuwait for the past six months.  

"There's two things that I'd like to say to my lovely wife. First, happy late birthday Jamie, and secondly, look behind you," Jenn said on the video board in the arena. To Jamie's complete surprise, her husband was standing right behind her. And as any wife who hadn't seen her husband in person in half a year would, she ran and jumped into his arms. Awww!

Check it out ...


So much to love about this. And you can't help but feel your heartstrings being pulled knowing that the parents to 3-year-old son Grayson were so ecstatic to see one another again, even in light of their reunion being brief, as Nicholas is due to head back overseas in two weeks.

Still, for the time being, Jamie says she "felt like one of those people on TV from the coming home TV show. It was just crazy. I never expected anything like that." And her loving husband said it was "perfect" and he "couldn't have said more." We don't think so either!

How sweet is this?!


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