Prankster Makes Homeless Man Believe He Had a Winning Lotto Ticket (VIDEO)

YouTube star Magic of Rahat has made a name for himself by hilariously pranking people and then posting videos of their reactions on the Internet. He’s the one that does those drive-thru videos we all love to laugh at.

So I admit I was nervous when I heard that his latest video involves punking a homeless man into believing he had a winning lottery ticket. I thought I was going to have to start boycotting funny YouTube videos in protest, because that just sounds downright mean.


I shouldn’t have worried though. Rahat conspires with a convenience store clerk to pretend that his ticket is a winner before confronting the homeless man on the street. He’d heard that he was a “nice and respectable” guy, so he wanted to do something nice.

He told him, “Listen man, I don't really have any money to give you but I do have this winning lottery ticket ... I don't really know how much I won ... I can give this to you. I can take you to the store and we can get this cashed."

It turns out he “won” $1,000, and the man’s emotional reaction will leave you in tears too. Take a look:

Did this video tug at your heartstrings?


Image via MagicOfRahat/YouTube

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