U.S. Soldiers Sing & Dance Their Hearts Out ... In Drag (VIDEO)

lgbt ourserveOn Sunday, just as the Oscars were rolling out the red carpet, there was a whole other kind of show taking place on an Army base in Japan. Gay and lesbian members of the Army were participating in a drag show, which was thrown to raise money for OutServe-SLDN, a support group for LGBT members of the Army's community.

The folks heading up the group and the event itself were bowled over by the response it received. They were initially wary, thinking that there wasn't much of a demand for such an event. They were worried it wouldn't raise the sort of funds they hoped for. So imagine their surprise when instead of selling 75 tickets -- they wound up selling just over 400!


The success of this venture in the base in Japan proves that the Army's mindset is changing rapidly -- and for the better! It's pretty sensational when you think about it. Just a handful of years ago, if you were gay in the military, it was something you kept to yourself, something you were forced to be fearful about. Now you can be yourself, not just without fear of repercussions, but with real pride.

It kind of gives me a case of the warm and fuzzies in a big way! Watching the video shot at the base about the event, everyone involved is so genuinely excited to participate and support members of their community regardless of their sexual orientation. Getting a peek into the heart of the Army and how they view each other as family no matter what is really stellar. If change can happen within their ranks, surely it's only a matter of time until this message spreads and equality is truly the universal norm.

What instances of oppression or prejudice have you experienced in your life?


Image via stripeschannel/YouTube

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