Bank Teller Responds Hysterically to Meat Cleaver-Wielding Robber (VIDEO)

meat cleaver robberyOkay, this is just weird, guys. I mean, weird. A man was attempting to rob a bank with a giant meat cleaver, and when he approached the teller and demanded money, know what she did? She pointed and laughed at him. She even turned around to her co-workers, as if to say, "Get a load of this clown." It's by far the strangest reaction I've ever seen to a robbery, and thankfully, it's all on tape.

Check out what will likely be the most bizarre thing you see today. Unless you happen to see someone do a cartwheel while they're being held up at gunpoint.


I mean, I'm not alone here in thinking this is a straight-up bonkers reaction, right? Even if you didn't think the man was going to go through with it, is it really wise to laugh in the face of someone holding something that could chop you up?

Apparently, the woman's brazenness paid off, because, as you can see, the man was quickly restrained and disarmed without getting as much as a nickel from the bank.

I wouldn't try this at home, kids, but just goes to show you that sometimes giving a would-be burglar/attacker a reaction they're totally not expecting could wind up paying off. Or getting you killed. It's a toss-up.

What would your reaction be if someone approached you with a meat cleaver?


Image via MissThe1990s/YouTube

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