Camera's Mesmerizing Free Fall From Plane Into Pig Pen Goes Viral (VIDEO)​

viral video pig pen gopro camOvernight, worldwide fame can be just about anyone's these days if you manage to upload a seriously viral video. That may be one of the reasons YouTube user Mia Munselle decided to share a bizarrely mesmerizing clip with the world this weekend ...

The video shows a skydiver playing around in an aircraft and filming the scenery (and a companion giving the middle finger, it seems) before the camera apparently fell out of their hand and tumbled to the ground. What we see next is the GoPro camera's complete "dive" ... right into a pig pen, where it proceeds to film a cute and funny "finale" of sorts (snorts?). Munselle claims she "found the camera eight months later and viewed this video."

Real? Or publicity stunt? Check it out, and you be the judge ...


I've gotta say, it does look almost too good (or strange, fascinating, or whathaveyou) to be true. Some viewers have asserted that it must be a fake because the camera doesn't meet terminal velocity and that, based on the height it fell from, the speed is wrong. I also have to wonder how a pig magically switched it off at precisely a moment that seems way too cinematically perfect. And how could it have survived eight months in a pig pen? Kiiiiinda makes me wonder if it is a sneaky attempt at a promo for GoPro!?

Regardless, the micro-storyline of the clip and our curiosity about its authenticity are making it a must-watch! It already has 1.2 million views so far and counting ...

Would you guess this is real or fake?


Image via Mia Munselle/YouTube

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