U.S. Luger Kate Hansen's Beyonce Dance Isn't the Only Wacky Ritual at Sochi (VIDEO)

kate hansen listening to music before competing lugerOlympic luger Kate Hansen is the latest U.S. competitor at Sochi to be celebrated not just for her athletic skills, but for what she does before her runs. Hansen was caught on camera warming up, to the tune of Beyonce. And it was pretty much the best thing I've seen since Sochi began. Check it out ...


My guess is that she's listening to "Crazy in Love" there ... or "Love on Top." Either way, what awesome moves and a sweet way to get your heart rate up before competing. Turns out, Hansen's not the only one who has a quirky or superstitious pre-competition ritual or routine ...

1. British slopestyle boarder Jenny Jones admits she used to stuff a specific teabag inside her bra on competition days, explaining:

I was working as a chalet maid and it was very rare to get teabags out in the mountains -- this was quite a long time ago -- so when people brought out British teabags I managed to get one of those teabags and kept it secure in my undies. ... I had a really good day that day and landed loads of new tricks, and decided that was the teabag!

2. Figure skater Gracie Gold told People magazine she relies on a certain piece of jewelry for good luck:

I always wear my evil eye necklace to ward off bad karma. I always wear one to protect me. When I first started working with a ballet teacher, she gave me one before my first national championships. It worked really well. I ended up on the podium!

3. Canada's freestyle skiing star Rosalind Groenewoud listens to the same song -- “The Game Needs Me” by Seattle hip hop trio Dyme Def -- every time she competes. And that song has to be in a particular spot before she’ll go.

4. Czech snowboarder Eva Samkova draws a moustache on her face for good luck and she's convinced this is no mindless ritual. "It just works," she insists.

5. Italian snowboarder Leoni Tommaso listens to "Three Little Birds" by Bob Marley and the Wailers as he makes his way to the start line.

6. Canadian freestyle skiier Mikael Kingsbury always wears the same T-shirt -- which says, "It's good to be the King" -- under his competition bib, because he had donned it the day he won his first World Cup podium place. "Even if it goes badly, it's still got some magic to it," he said.

Okay, so they may sound a little wacky, but so what? If these rituals are working for Hansen and these other Olympians, more power to 'em!

Do you have a good luck warmup or ritual like these?


Image via Alexander Hassenstein/Getty

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