Parking Ticket Prank Takes Turn for the Amazing (VIDEO)

parking ticket prankI'm not a fan of pranks. I might be okay with teeny tiny ones that are super small scale and of the no one gets too scared or freaked out variety. But generally, I'm a just say no to pranks kind of person. They sort of remind me of bullying. With the prankster being the one who brags and feels this sense of accomplishment in making someone else feel dumb. But this parking ticket prank is something entirely different. 

It's heartwarming. It's a prank turned upside down. It's random acts of kindness. Check it out.


Sam Pepper is the adorable prankster disguised as a parking ticket agent handing out summonses. You've gotten a parking ticket before, right? Ever see the person in action writing the ticket? I have. Ever tried to bargain with him? Oh yes. Futile. But when he walks away and the people open up the ticket, they get a sweet note and some coffee money.

Random acts of kindness! I truly believe these types of things make the world a better place. We should all do more for others. Big things if we can. Small things when we are able. Holding doors open for strangers. Letting the person at the supermarket with small kids cut you in line. Paying for the coffee for the person behind you in line. Just because. To bring a smile to someone's face. Inspire them to pay it forward.

What do you think of this kind-hearted prank?

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