Mother & Son Give Wedding Crowd a Dance They'll Never Forget (VIDEO)

When Blake Bunker decided to get married last April, he had to have known that his mom would want to do something super fun and dancey at the reception. After all, Kathy Bunker is the founder of the Bunker Dance Center in Las Vegas, a school that has trained some of the nation's top dancers. 

The mother-son dance starts out slow with a traditional waltz to Nat King Cole's "Unforgettable," but when the music changes, they go all out to The Jackson 5, M.C. Hammer, and LMFAO.


“We decided to do this only a few weeks before the wedding,” Kathy told Yahoo News. “We thought that we should do something besides the typical dance.”

It looks like they got their way, because this is definitely nontraditional! Take a look:

Did you do anything nontraditional at your wedding?


Image via Doug Larson/YouTube

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