Reporter Goes on Awesome Rant Against 'America the Beautiful' Haters (VIDEO)

coca cola adIf you were one of the bajillion people who tuned into the Super Bowl on Sunday, you may have caught Coke's "controversial" ad of people singing "America the Beautiful" in different languages. The commercial highlights families from different backgrounds and cultures, including -- gasp! -- a gay family, celebrating the United States (and, of course, Coca-Cola). But, shortly after the spot aired, people started expressing their outrage over Coke's audacity on Twitter, using both the delightful hashtag #SpeakAmerican, and the suggestion to boycott Coca-Cola, to drive home their point. Lovely.


Thankfully, not everyone felt the ad was insulting or controversial. In fact, some found it to be quite beautiful. Steven Colbert brilliantly skewered the commericial haters, saying, "Since when are gays allowed to gay up a song written by a lesbian?" But the feeling that it's completely ridiculous to find this song insulting didn't stop with Colbert. Another person sticking up for the ad is a news reporter named Brenda. And what Brenda has to say is awesome.

Check out her awesome rant:

It's hard to find an argument against what the reporter is saying here -- because it makes complete and total sense. Coca-Cola has always encouraged unity and inclusion. And even if it hadn't, so what? The ad, again, to quote Brenda, is a reminder that America was "built on opening it's arms to the world." Are people really so indignant about the fact that people have the nerve to sing an American song in a language other than English that they're threatening to boycott Coke? English isn't even our language. It's England's!

America has long been branded a melting pot for people from all walks of life, but sometimes we do a really crappy job of showing it. I thought the commercial was lovely. And I find it flattering that people speaking different languages would want to sing "our" song.

Do you find the commercial to be offensive?


Image via Coca-Cola/YouTube

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