Stephen Colbert Brilliantly Slams Haters Who Can't Handle Coke Super Bowl Ad (VIDEO)

cokeThe Super Bowl is known not just as one of the biggest sporting events of the year, but as being an opportunity for companies to make a lasting impression with their newest advertising campaign. Coca-Cola's contribution this year featured a sweet, harmless ad wherein "America the Beautiful" was sung in English and several other languages, highlighting the multicultural tapestry that makes up our great nation.

It's hard to believe it, but the story doesn't end there. Bizarrely, the commercial sparked outrage that took social media by storm! Critics of the ad found it to be offensive to "real Americans" ... who apparently are only straight, fundamental Christians, who speak English? Whoops. I didn't get that memo. The rest of us were left either scratching or slapping our foreheads. And we weren't the only ones.


It wasn't just the average joes trying to speak up against the hateful criticism -- celebs got in the game too. And it's a good thing folks in Hollywood and beyond were speaking up. Because the torrent of hate raining down was just dreadful. The Facebook page for a church (A CHURCH, you guys) couldn't stand the ads and mentioned throwing away all their Coke products because "Mexicans singing The National Anthem [sic] is an abomination." Why is there not an unlike button? Or better yet, a "this person is a bigoted jerk" button? I also really like (sarcasm) the amount of people on Twitter being like "how dare THEY sully our National Anthem." Leaving aside the obvious point (it is not our National Anthem), America is a country founded on our differences!

Stephen Colbert's response to the hate-speak was my favorite. He called out folks who were saying offensive things about the gay couple also featured in the ad by pointing out that the song's author WAS A GAY WOMAN who lived with ANOTHER GAY WOMAN her whole life and clearly would have had no issue with the ad. It's super strange that this sweet, patriotic, and touching ad made people so angry.

What did you think of the commercial?


Image via Coca-Cola/YouTube

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